24 January 2019

X²O is the market leader in Belgium and a strong challenger in the Netherlands for affordable quality bathrooms. The company’s strategic focus is on the end customer and the elimination of unnecessary intermediaries. This customer-oriented strategy has resulted in a satisfaction score of 96% and strong growth.

In 2018, X²0’s marketing management invited Authority to participate in a pitch, with the aim of developing a business case in order to prepare the 2019 digital marketing strategy.

Following a successful pitch, X²0 chose Authority. We developed an acquisition strategy for X²0 in which we activated, in a controlled environment, diverse channels such as Google Ads, Google Display, Google Remarketing, various social media channels and also channels such as YouTube. Our purpose was to ascertain, for certain specific topics and taking X²0’s intended and relevant target group and its predetermined strategy into account, which channels are relevant for X²0, which channels offer the greatest potential for the maximum ROI and how much budget X²0 should foresee for each channel in order to achieve the previously defined objectives.

The results of this acquisition strategy were used to develop a digital marketing strategy for 2019. X²0 also chose us to implement this strategy, for both its Belgian and its Dutch market segments.

References for this case study are available upon demand.