21 January 2019

Originally from Ghent, Intolaw is a law firm that has now expanded to become a national legal service provider, with offices in Ghent, Brussels and Liège.

Intolaw believes that 80% of legal services should be free of charge for everyone! In order to fulfil this mission, the company wants to make the Law more accessible and regards innovation as key to providing that accessibility!

Intolaw has introduced innovation into its legal service provision in 4 different dimensions: technology, big data, customer centricity and availability.

The company has service teams in Ghent, Brussels and Liège who answer consumer queries, free of charge and without any obligations, and are reachable 24/7 via every communication channel imaginable. That same consumer can, incidentally, also rely on the company’s digital platform where he or she will find a suitable answer to 80% of their legal questions! This portal is also accessible and free of charge to everyone.

The development of its own database model with its accompanying algorithms and the use of machine learning, artificial intelligence and OCR technology ensure that the service provided is not only smarter but also more effective.

As a legal tech company, Intolaw believes in the network economy. For this reason, it makes its services and data available via API connectivity to partners who contribute to Intolaw’s mission and, in this way, integrate its service into their offer.

Making information available free of charge and ensuring the availability, effectiveness, quality and intelligence of its service provision enable the company to become even more accessible!

Authority has been supporting Intolaw since the very beginning:

  • we developed the first ‘proof of’ concepts
  • we maximise the digital visibility of the company’s platforms
  • we optimise its platforms so that it can achieve maximum conversion rates
  • we implemented a CRM platform and strategy
  • we helped the company think through its database model
  • we programmed the first algorithms
  • we support its management team on an ongoing basis with strategy development and adjustment
  • we developed a steering mechanism for its campaigns based on the ROI that they generate

In the meantime, we have proof that Intolaw’s model and our cooperation are working! Every day, +/- 3000 consumers find their way to Intolaw’s platforms and generate approximately 50 requests for legal advice every day via its platforms. More than 16,000 people follow Intolaw or its private brands on social media and its coverage reaches more than 50,000 users per week. 97% of its customers claim that they would recommend Intolaw’s services to the people they know.

In the meantime, Intolaw has also won the Innovation Award 2018 for the most disruptive business model in the field of legal service provision.

References for this case study are available upon demand.