19 January 2019

Brico is a Belgian chain of DIY stores. The shops focus mainly on DIY items but also sell garden products. The chain has approximately 145 stores covering the entire country, more than half of which are franchise stores. The first shop opened in Schoten in 1973.

Brico belongs to the Maxeda DIY Group. In 2018, the group’s management team asked us to analyse how the digital performance of the product content available on the platforms brico.be, praxis.nl and plan-it.be could be improved. Is this content helping to generate new visitors? How does the content compare with that of the competition? Which content is missing from its platforms and what can we learn from the competition?

In order to be able to provide an answer, we carried out 5 analyses:

  1. A technical analysis of how the product content is presented on the various platforms
  2. A performance analysis of the available product content: what impact does the content have on the behaviour of the website’s visitors?
  3. A market audit: based on the product feed of Brico, Plan-it & Praxis, we researched how much online search volume is generated per product in the markets in question, how much visibility these products generate online, in which products or product categories competitors are more visible etc.
  4. A template audit: we compared the online product presentation with that of the thirty leading competitors.
  5. A conversation audit: we monitored various platforms (social media, forums, blogs, portal sites etc.) for conversations about the brands of the Maxeda DIY Group.

We bundled these five analyses into a detailed advisory report which was presented to the group’s marketing board. This advisory report consisted of more than 60 concrete and substantiated optimisations which were incorporated in the Maxeda DIY Group’s technical roadmap.

References for this case study are available upon demand.