27 January 2019

BAUNAT was established in Antwerp, the diamond capital of the world, in 2008. As a digital native brand, and supported by a highly efficient business model, the company quickly expanded to become a global diamond and jewellery business. Renowned for its valuable Solitaire diamond engagement rings, it crafts handmade jewels for a digital world.

Authority has been supporting BAUNAT for six years. What started back then as a pure SEO project in a few countries has, in the meantime, expanded to become an SEO/Content/Conversion/Paid Advertising project covering more than eight countries, including China.

The assignment that we received at the time was relatively simple: maximise the organic visibility of the BAUNAT brand and the company’s products in search engines, increase the share of quality visitors to the website and experiment with different platforms and campaign types to generate fresh opportunities for online sales in addition to the main website.

Today, our mandate has expanded to further optimising the brand’s organic reach (SEO), increasing the user-friendliness of the website and the effectiveness of paid campaigns such as Google Ads, Display & Remarketing and making smart use of artificial intelligence via programmatic advertising to reach the right target group on a global scale. Last year we were also given the task of putting BAUNAT on the map in China, both on the mainland and in Hong Kong. To achieve this, Authority established a partnership with Artefact Asia, who is helping us, as a subcontractor, to develop this new market.

Today, the results speak for themselves: more than 2000 reviews on Trustpilot have generated an average satisfaction score of 9.9/10. In the selected focus countries, BAUNAT is managing to push established brands such as Cartier, Blue Nile & Tiffany’s out of the rankings. Every year, BAUNAT is generating a global increase in the number of visitors of more than 30% and a considerable growth in online sales.

References for this case study are available upon demand.