Authority continues to grow and emerges as a serious challenger on the market!

31 January 2019

Since the company was established in 2014, Authority has now developed to become a performance marketing agency with a team of more than 20 shrewd digital marketeers.

If, in its early years, the company focused more on smaller SMEs, Authority today supports brands such as X²0, Miele, Eneco, KLM, Insites Consulting, Veritas, Brico and other leading brands, in addition to the many SMEs. ‘The reason why these large companies increasingly come knocking at Authority’s door is that the agency has invariably positioned itself as a challenger to the well-known, larger and more generalist competitors,’ claims Alexander Schmitt, Authority’s CEO and leader. ‘Our pragmatic approach, flexibility and focus on customer intimacy frequently make the difference,’ he adds. ‘We even work as a sub-contractor for some of the larger marketing agencies’.

In 2019, Authority is celebrating its fifth anniversary and is emerging once and for all as a fully-fledged player on the market: the company’s rebranding is being finalised today with the launch of a new logo, corporate identity and consequently also a new website. This rebranding is, however, not only a facelift – it also heralds a number of structural changes.

Organisational changes

Tom Muyllaert joins Authority’s Management Team

As of 1 January 2019, Tom Muyllaert has joined Authority’s management team as ‘Digital Service Manager’. Read the full report here.

Lieven Degrauwe joins Authority’s digital consultancy team

As of 15 January, Lieven Degrauwe has joined Authority’s digital consultancy team as Senior UX/UI Design Specialist. Read the full report here.

Structural partnerships

In addition to these organisational changes, Authority is also announcing two structural partnerships with Hubspot and Artefact Asia. These co-operations will enable Authority to further professionalise its service offering with regard to marketing automation and to extend the support that it can provide to its clients in Asia.

Growth and employment

In 2018, Authority’s team grew from 7 to 20 employees, including a considerable number of new, specialised consultants. In 2019, this number is expected to double.

The client portfolio also doubled in 2019 – even more importantly, however, more than 7 new A-brands started working with Authority.

In 2018, turnover increased by 30% – and we expect strong growth of 40% in 2019.

The company also anticipates a further expansion of its activities on the Chinese market in 2019.

In addition to its head-office in Oudenaarde, a second location will be opened in Ghent to take account of the mobility requirements of both clients and employees.